Have you ever thought about ways to make your outfit look more expensive? I’m not talking about spending more money (obviously that would make you look and feel more expensive) but more about small things you can do that will make your clothes look ‘designer’, wherever you bought them from. But let’s face it: The average Nigerian woman/man isn’t spending a cool #100,000 – #300,000 on a  pair of Christian Louboutin/Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Here I’ve gathered some tried  – true tips to making your clothes look luxe, and even when they aren’t. Some might seem obvious (but require going extra mile), while others are a testament to us being best privy to the best-dressed women/men on a daily basis. It’s not rocket science, but it certainly commands your attention.

  • GET IT TAILORED                      wpid-images-8.jpegwpid-images-12.jpegTaking the extra two days from purchase to have your neighborhood tailor nip and tuck your latest great find, versus ripping the tags off and wearing right away will elevate the final product way beyond its original price tag.
  • MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS FRESHLY PRESSED           wpid-images-10.jpegwpid-aix5zmhlp3xauihxdgkq0ln-c666-gub-t_5mlco_ydtl6hwdnzsp1foqb8wee98tr4qhtrjc-g5zsaocnano1t77k1yq0m8hivvznd6c8lercloaq_st_nh8gn7q3okhvvhav6-ysogkb_vxymkw236-h314-nc.jpeg.jpegThis seems like something your mother would say and we all know time in the morning is precious. Taking extra five minutes to steam or press your clothes will add instant polish to even your most worn-in-wardrobe MVPs.
  • ADD GOLD ACCESSORIES                                                    wpid-images-15.jpegThere is just something about structural, gilded extras – whether a bag or jewelry or both – that make you look like you stepped out of the page of a magazine.
  • DRESS IN A TONAL COLOURS LIKE ALL WHITE OR ALL BLACK                                                                              wpid-images-26.jpegwpid-images-20.jpegNot only is it incredibly elongating, but a monochrome outfit always looks intentional and put together. (Tip: Just make sure your whites are bright and your blacks match.)
  • BEAUTY MATTERS. POLISHED HAIR AND MAKEUP ELEVATE ANY LOOK.                                    wpid-20151107_235753.pngSleek blowout, red lips, flawless skin – these are the ultimate finishing touches.
  • KEEP HANDBAGS SHINY AND CLEAN                                                                                              wpid-images-29.jpegwpid-images-21.jpegUse ‘windex’ on patent leather, unscented body lotion on all other leather, re-stuff easily malleable shapes when storing and always, always pack your purses in dust bags when traveling.
  • DRESS UP YOUR DENIM                                                                                                                      wpid-c360_2015-05-18-19-43-51-128.jpgI absolutely love jeans. Just make sure you always add heels and keep the silhouettes and washes classic.
  • BELT YOUR JACKET                                                                   wpid-images-17.jpegGive your jacket an instant lift with a simple cinch around the waist.

Whether your monthly clothing budget is #10,000, #100,000, or #1,000,000, the old saying is true: “Fashion fades, but style is eternal”. Don’t let a small clothing budget fool you into thinking you’re not stylish. By paying attention to the quality of even your clearance rack finds, you can make sure that your clothes last, look great, and most importantly, make you feel like a million bucks when you wear them.



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