So you just got yourself the much touted Fendi’s Karlito bag. And you think that’s your ultimate claim to be tagged stylish now? Probably not! People often confuse owning fashionable things with being stylish. But style isn’t dictated by your bank balance, access to top brands or how much you spend on your manicure every month, is it? That just makes you rich, not stylish. Don’t get what I’m getting at? Well, then let me break down the habits of highly, truly stylish people for you.

  • They understand labels don’t make them cooler

They can’t imagine stepping out of the house looking like the directory of a luxury mall. Brands don’t make the stylista. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against labels — I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little something from Prada or Isabel Marant every now and then? All I’m saying is that truly initiated stylish clique doesn’t allow logos to define their sartorial ratings. They believe in throwing something unique to the mix every single time—be it a vintage ring, a bolero from a quaint boutique or a shirt borrowed from le boyfriend’s closet. I’ll let them take their pick!

  • They own their style

The best indicator of being a highly stylish person is to know what works best for you. Knowing what fits or best works with your color palette is a great habit to have if you plan on taking your style to the next level. (It confuses me when I see people dress the way they completely aren’t. Identify yourself and dress as you please. Don’t pick up trends just because they’re in because if it isn’t you, it’s going to be pretty obvious.)

  • They aren’t afraid of any store-and can find something almost anywhere

You’ll always be left wondering where she could have possibly snagged that kitschy clutch or cool pair of brogues. That’s because she looks beyond the same ’ol nondescript stores everyone else flocks to (and even when she does shop there, she’ll probably pick the most unusual thing on offer). A certified stylista is one who’s just as much at home shopping at Chanel as she is at a local flea market or charming boutique.

  • They are detail-oriented

Something about knowing you put that little effort in makes a lot of difference. Some of my girlfriends feel more confident when they have perfectly manicured nails. Some believe in the power of the perfect accessory, so even a drab corporate outfit with the right pair of diamond earrings would put a bounce in their step. Or perhaps the right arm candy, or even the perfectly winged black eyeliner.

  • They know the rules and when to break them

It’s all well and good being able to quote “No brown in town” and “No white after labor day”, but rules are meant to be broken. You may be mistaken for thinking this gives you carte blanche to wear what you like. It doesn’t. Too many people inadvertently make mistakes by breaking rules without understanding why there was a rule in the first place. Learn the rules, then bend or break them on your terms.

  • They know less is more

The old adage of “sometimes less is more” is true when it comes to being a highly stylish person. In the case of you being amongst the ranks, it is best to keep subtlety in high regards.

  • They’re aware of trends whether they follow them or not

The truly stylish are never a slave to fashion and the latest trends, but they are aware of them so they can pick elements that fit their style perfectly. There are many ways to keep up to date with the latest trends from fashion shows to blogs. Find the right way of keeping up to date and when something new comes along that will give your style a boost, you can adopt it, or better still, adapt it to fit your needs. Not only that, but you will always have something stylish to talk about.

  • It’s all in their attitude

Confidence. This is the best accessory you can put on because it changes everything. It adds the little je ne sais quoi that shines from within. All the habits above are catered to boost your confidence because let’s be honest, looking good makes you feel good. But there is something to be said about a woman who can work a simple white tee with blue jeans and still be able to turn heads. That, my friends, is confidence. A woman who walks with her head held high, her shoulders pulled back, and a comfortable stride is a woman of confidence. And for the days when you just don’t feel like you don’t have it in you to be a confident woman who roars? Fake it until you own it. Sometimes you won’t even realize you’re faking it anymore because that confidence has become real.

Happy New Year guys!









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