Fall/Winter 2018 Haute Couture : Guo Pei Finds Strength in Architecture

The Cité de l’Architecture, a Parisian museum of architecture and monumental sculpture was the source of inspiration for the Guo Pei’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection so it is appropriate she presented her haute couture collection there, highlighting the translation of “architecture’s beauty of strength, beauty of structure, beauty of contour and beauty of rationality and equilibrium” through her designs.

“Garments are moving creations of architecture, and clothing is the first arena of space for mankind,” she adds in the show notes.

The Chinese designer was particularly influenced by Gothic architecture and its pointed towers, arched windows, and buttresses, all of which she integrated in her garments either through form or embroideries.

The pannier was the shape at the heart of the collection, acting much like the foundation in architecture, but the designer added layers of curvatures and contours with structures that pick up on architectural styles such as the eaves, square forms and layering. A variety of techniques and materials were used to create these distinctly new pannier structures.

As in previous collections, the designer was more interested in creating a dream and challenging her atelier’s skills than creating wearable pieces. It will be interesting to see how the design elements are reflected in her more easily worn designs, and how they influence others.



If there’s one classic color combo that says sophistication it’s camel and black.

Black and Camel Poncho

Okay, we love camel, and we love black. Separately they’re smart, attractive and stylish, but put them together, and you have something special. You’ll find these classics at opposite ends of the neutral range, but give edgy black the chance to take soft warm camel out of its comfort zone, and it will deliver a class act.

Below are a few more ideas:

The point is that a subtle colour like camel can be lifted and led by black, which in turn can hope for its hard edges to get a makeover. We think that once you grasp that, you’re on your way to a sensational look.

Compliments of the season guys!

Street Fashion Items Seen All Over Fashion Week

As style stars paraded through the streets at Fashion Week, we began to spot the same bags, shoes, and belts over and over. Of course, every girl gave her special must-haves a twist. But at the foundation of this season’s key looks is the 6 items below. Some are definitely sticking around from September (trust us, no girl has said goodbye to her Gucci fur slides). But others are brand new and already going viral. One of the trendiest pieces below just might be the accessory you’re missing.

  • Dior feminist teedior-feminist-tee.jpg

It was revolutionary moment in fashion when Dior’s new creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, sent this tee down the runway with a tulle skirt. Given the political climate, it quickly became a must have.

  • Prada corset beltprada-corset-belt.jpg

Corset belt with these top outerwear, distressed sweatshirts, or simple white tees.

  • Gucci fur slides20170210_054630.png

The Gucci fur slides are still having their moment.

  • Chanel fanny packchanel-fanny-pack.jpg

The waist bag provides ’80s flair in patent when paired with high-waisted pants. The style should be on your list for convenience, too. It’s no longer amusement-park-necessary, but a fashion girl’s must-have.

  • Gucci logo belt20170210_054527.png

The logo belt is back in a big way, and it’s no wonder so many women are choosing to rep Gucci, a brand that clearly made its comeback and isn’t going anywhere.

  • Balenciaga shopper bag20170210_065453.png

The candy-stripe-lined totes are on the arms of women everywhere, in the oversize shape or the one that sits just right on your arm.

Christian Dior Resort 2017 collection


On 31st May, Dior staged its Cruise show at Blenheim Palace, London, with the likes of Alexa Chung, Kate Beckinsale and Elizabeth Olsen arriving via the Orient Express (or more aptly named the Diorient Express).



The first model — hair slicked back, eyelids and brows moodily darkened — stepped out on the runway in a heavily styled ensemble: a navy cotton jacket over a yellow jacquard peplum top over navy cotton crop-flare trousers, an oyster-shaped necklace chained high on the neck, a red bag dangling from her right hand, a scarf threaded through the blazer. Stronger looks followed, combining signature Dior silhouettes and tailoring with quintessentially English fabrics, which yielded some beautiful combinations: peplum blouses printed in country florals, a Bar jacket in sky-blue tweed, an ankle-length red floral dress with ruched sleeves and ruffled waist. Interspersed were Asian- and African-inspired prints, patterns and embroideries, chosen to reflect the “restless and wanderlust” that infected the English in the years following World War II.

With all the build-up, it was somewhat startling when the show ended. Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux, who have been appointed to lead the womenswear team until Simons’s successor is named, emerged to take their bow. The applause was warm, and well-deserved.





























Chanel Resort Show 2016/17

Chanel presented its Cruise show 2016/2017 collection in Havana, Cuba.

It was Chanel that started the new lark of traveling Resort shows—immersive summertime trips to evermore far-flung locations—and Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci have been joining in. Occasionally, it has to be said that descriptions of spectacular locations can overshadow collections that aren’t so worth writing home about. But with this show, Karl Lagerfeld achieved it all: a spectacular locale at a historic turning point in international relations, and a collection that was relatable, wearable, exquisitely made, and joyfully youthful.

Trust Karl to find the symbol of French-Cuban entente cordiale in a piece of clothing. That would be the beret in this case—ultra-French in origin, but also inescapably Che Guevara. There were sparkly black versions scattered throughout, as well as panamas with Chanel camellias tucked into the hatbands.

Here was Chanel at full range—black spencer jackets over wide-legged cuffed pants; “debutante” dresses with swirly skirts hitting calf length in lace or organza; skinny long tube dresses in macramé or tattered tweed; huge floaty dresses, neatly belted, in ’50s car prints. The Chanel embroiderers had pulled out all the stops, decorating sleeves with dense layers of tattered fabric (a subtle homage to Hispanic ruffles, surely) and sequin-encrusting little dresses in the peachy-pinks, lemony-oranges, and greeny-blues you see in every direction in the intensely beautiful cityscape of Havana. It would have played wrongly if it had looked too posh and distant, or then again, trying too hard to be referential. What made it work, in essence, was the easy styling, with T-shirts and flats, a casual attitude that the models clearly felt happy in.














































I am thrilled to be back to give you some fashion motivation, and signature style is our topic. Let me begin by saying that finding your personal fashion style is about getting to know yourself. It’s about being connected with the very essence of who YOU are – and be confident about it!

So WHAT exactly is the YOU and what does it have to do with fashion?

Imagine a world where everybody wore the same clothes. A place where they had the same style and liked the same things.

Now that wouldn’t exactly be the most colorful and stimulating world… would it?

But the sad reality is – the majority of people tend to go this route when it comes to clothes! So this is where developing your style comes into the picture.

How do you achieve this? Here are few tips to help with your process:

  • Take a close look at your wardrobe


Figure out what you like to wear the most.  This is the first step to finding your signature style.  Get rid of those items that you never wear and clean house.  You may discover that you are wearing the same clothing quite often anyway.  After you remove those items, start deciding what key pieces are missing from your wardrobe to complete the looks that you are going for.

  • Seek inspiration from other sources 

Sometimes you don’t know what direction to go in with your style choices. If that is the case, create a vision board to develop your personal style.  Clip pictures from magazines and catalogs that represent your style goals and slowly start adding those pieces to your wardrobe.  Ask yourself, “What silhouettes, shapes, and color palettes would I like for my signature look to have?”

  • Build your wardrobe slowly


There is no rush to purchase a ton of clothing to find your signature style. Once you have a clear understanding of your style start adding pieces slowly. Creating a signature style that you truly love is a process.  You have to be very intentional when you go shopping.  Create a shopping wish list don’t deviate from it.

  • Know your body type


It is important to understand what styles fit your body and play up your best assets. When dressing yourself you have to keep proportions in mind. Identify clothing styles that fit your body well and that you feel most comfortable wearing.  Fit and proportions should play a factor in your selections.

  • Ask for help

When you’re serious about your skin, you see a dermatologist. When you want the perfect photos on your wedding day, you enlist the help of a professional photographer. The same goes for style! Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a professional.

  • Stock up on accessories.


Accessories are, without a doubt, the easiest way to pull any look together regardless of the vibe you want to achieve. You can update jeans and a white t-shirt with a bold necklace or pair layered, delicate jewelry with a dress for a more feminine feel. A cool ear cuff or stacked rings can give you an instant edge, and pearls can make you look polished and lady-like in an instant. Add a patterned scarf, opt for edgy ankle booties instead of your normal black pumps, or pull out a bright clutch to add more personality.

Finally, dare to be yourself and wear the clothes that express the unique and fabulous person you are! Color this life with shapes, colors and styles – and be the shining example of the beauty of diversity 🙂








I know you’re probably thinking, Why bother? Sure, you can shop willy-nilly all over the place and wind up with a closet full of fantastic one-offs that conveniently fit every fashion trend of the season. But investing in trends can end up creating a contradictory wardrobe. Plus wouldn’t you rather be known for a singular style than for “that” bag and “that” runway dress? I love women with thoughtful style, women like Gaia Repossi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Kate Moss. Women who knows what works for them and aren’t afraid to be somewhat repetitive about their look while still updating and refreshing it in unexpected and inventive ways. Of course, we could all use a little help now and then. Here are some tips on how to create an anything but ordinary wardrobe.



For ideas to live and build your closet by, I suggest using these tools to scrutinize every major fashion purchase. If the items fits all three categories, then it’s a green light to splurge.


What you wear should be in sync with how you live. A diet of dresses and four-inch heels may be okay in an office environment but not if you’re someone who works from home or spends the day running in 20 different directions. Luckily, there are so many clothing choices out there that no matter what your needs, you should be able to find pieces that you love and that complement how you live. “Wear what you love and what makes you feel good”. Don’t buy something because your friend is wearing it. Buy clothes that feel like your best friend when you put them on. Also, be sure that what you purchase has cohesive aesthetic.


There’s always room in one’s closet for a bright-yellow dress or a crimson blouse (please indulge!), but the majority of what you wear should be in a neutral color palette. (this includes black and white). Find four complementary shades and work with them. This allows for optimal mixing and matching, which in turn keeps your wardrobe feeling new.


You’ve heard it before, but i’m going to say it again. Buy less but buy the best, whatever your “best” may be. This is probably the most important mantra when it comes to thoughtful dressing. But if you find something fabulous that fits you superbly, buy it in bulk and in several colors. Know that ill-fitting, expensive clothing is a waste. (Fit is everything!). A quality seamstress or alterations person can make anything look like a million bucks.


I say to each her own where personal style is concerned, but there are some core pieces that no stylish woman’s closet should ever be without-your sort of go-to reliables. As far as some kind of golden ratio of tops versus bottoms, there’s no steadfast rule. I like to have at least three top options (a casual-sporty, a dressier day, and a night) for every skirt and pants.

Here are some pieces that should definitely make the cut.

  • A PENCIL SKIRT – Always sexy.
  • TWO PAIRS OF PANTS – One black (my vote this season is for the skinny version). It should be a tuxedo pants, since it’s a perfect day-to-night, go with any item. One pair of jeans.
  • TWO DRESSES – One LBD (Little Black Dress). And a second that is either more festive (in a print) or easy, such as a shirtdress. 
  • A WEAR-WITH EVERYTHING BLAZER – A jacket tailored with a menswear attitude is new and on every designer’s mind. I love a tuxedo jacket, again because of its versatility.
  • THREE TO FIVE TOPS – A couple of silk blouses, a few cotton button-downs and a cashmere pullover.



HAUTE COUTURE PARIS FASHION WEEK 2016: The Best Looks From The Runway

Nothing wakes you out of despairing mood quite like the fabulous week of fashion that is Paris Haute Couture. Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week 2016 started on Sunday Jan. 24th and ended on Thursday Jan. 28th in Paris, France. Designers flaunted their most flamboyant pieces for the world to see.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week overrides shows like the Couture Fashion Week New York and Italy’s AltaRoma AltaModa Couture Fashion Week. It is the crème de la crème of ostentatious designs and unapologetic extravagance.

The week is reserved for only the most dramatic and daring designers, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Chanel.

Here are some of the dream-inducing creations of Versace, Giambattista Valli, Ralph & Russo and more at the 2016 Paris Haute Couture shows:

Giambattista Valli





Atelier Versace







Ralph & Russo
















Elie Saab





Stéphane Rolland



Giorgio Armani Privé



Zuhair Murad









Maison Valentino



Maison Margiela



Jean Paul Gaultier



George Hobeika



Photo Credit: Peter White/Getty Images


So you just got yourself the much touted Fendi’s Karlito bag. And you think that’s your ultimate claim to be tagged stylish now? Probably not! People often confuse owning fashionable things with being stylish. But style isn’t dictated by your bank balance, access to top brands or how much you spend on your manicure every month, is it? That just makes you rich, not stylish. Don’t get what I’m getting at? Well, then let me break down the habits of highly, truly stylish people for you.

  • They understand labels don’t make them cooler

They can’t imagine stepping out of the house looking like the directory of a luxury mall. Brands don’t make the stylista. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against labels — I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a little something from Prada or Isabel Marant every now and then? All I’m saying is that truly initiated stylish clique doesn’t allow logos to define their sartorial ratings. They believe in throwing something unique to the mix every single time—be it a vintage ring, a bolero from a quaint boutique or a shirt borrowed from le boyfriend’s closet. I’ll let them take their pick!

  • They own their style

The best indicator of being a highly stylish person is to know what works best for you. Knowing what fits or best works with your color palette is a great habit to have if you plan on taking your style to the next level. (It confuses me when I see people dress the way they completely aren’t. Identify yourself and dress as you please. Don’t pick up trends just because they’re in because if it isn’t you, it’s going to be pretty obvious.)

  • They aren’t afraid of any store-and can find something almost anywhere

You’ll always be left wondering where she could have possibly snagged that kitschy clutch or cool pair of brogues. That’s because she looks beyond the same ’ol nondescript stores everyone else flocks to (and even when she does shop there, she’ll probably pick the most unusual thing on offer). A certified stylista is one who’s just as much at home shopping at Chanel as she is at a local flea market or charming boutique.

  • They are detail-oriented

Something about knowing you put that little effort in makes a lot of difference. Some of my girlfriends feel more confident when they have perfectly manicured nails. Some believe in the power of the perfect accessory, so even a drab corporate outfit with the right pair of diamond earrings would put a bounce in their step. Or perhaps the right arm candy, or even the perfectly winged black eyeliner.

  • They know the rules and when to break them

It’s all well and good being able to quote “No brown in town” and “No white after labor day”, but rules are meant to be broken. You may be mistaken for thinking this gives you carte blanche to wear what you like. It doesn’t. Too many people inadvertently make mistakes by breaking rules without understanding why there was a rule in the first place. Learn the rules, then bend or break them on your terms.

  • They know less is more

The old adage of “sometimes less is more” is true when it comes to being a highly stylish person. In the case of you being amongst the ranks, it is best to keep subtlety in high regards.

  • They’re aware of trends whether they follow them or not

The truly stylish are never a slave to fashion and the latest trends, but they are aware of them so they can pick elements that fit their style perfectly. There are many ways to keep up to date with the latest trends from fashion shows to blogs. Find the right way of keeping up to date and when something new comes along that will give your style a boost, you can adopt it, or better still, adapt it to fit your needs. Not only that, but you will always have something stylish to talk about.

  • It’s all in their attitude

Confidence. This is the best accessory you can put on because it changes everything. It adds the little je ne sais quoi that shines from within. All the habits above are catered to boost your confidence because let’s be honest, looking good makes you feel good. But there is something to be said about a woman who can work a simple white tee with blue jeans and still be able to turn heads. That, my friends, is confidence. A woman who walks with her head held high, her shoulders pulled back, and a comfortable stride is a woman of confidence. And for the days when you just don’t feel like you don’t have it in you to be a confident woman who roars? Fake it until you own it. Sometimes you won’t even realize you’re faking it anymore because that confidence has become real.

Happy New Year guys!